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11.04 Default Apps - Not much a difference

Natty default apps is not much a change in its default but you can notice some in the Office tools and the major is , Gnome Dictionary is being dropped . ( not so major )

Some apps which remains the same and unchanged are :

  • Shotwell , Evolution , PiTiVi and Totem

Though , i wish Natty to be shipped with Thunderbird instead but , they commented that Thunderbird is lack of calender and tasks intergration .

Some few changes made at the default apps .

  • Banshee will replace Rhythmbox as default
  • Firefox 4 as default browser ( if the release date is before Natty )
  • Openconf will be improvised 
  • Libre Office will be replacing Open Office 
  • Although Nautilus Elementary was suggested to be included , quality patches for it is not good enough , but patches will be retrive from Nautilus Elementary to “buff” Nautilus .
  • Remote Desktops , tsclient will be dropped and replaced by vinagre but further discussion is necessary .

While this is only a blueprint , i do hope some changes will be applied . Such as Chromium and Thunderbird added to the list .

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